It's a dangerous business going out your door.

My name is Shayna.
This is my more personal account.
Where I feel more comfortable posting how I actually feel.
Whether it be happy, sad, horny, or confused.
Word/picture vomit is a good description of what this is.
If I know you in real life and follow you on this Tumblr, feel special.
I'm letting you see the real me.

Urgh. He’s so attractive.

He needs to stopitstopitstopit.

And lookwise and personality wise he’s just absolutely peachy.

But it sucks when guys like that have girlfriends. -.-

Damn my luck, just damn it all to hell.

What do I want?

For everyone to get along.

I’m friends with you both.

We’ve all had our differences.

But I am remaining friends with you both regardless if one would absolutely prefer me not be.

I know you both don’t like each other but I love both of you.

No matter what goes on or how pissed I get or whatever.

I love you both.

True facts.

The end.

I just love walking in to my moms house and find her shaking so damn bad from all the fucking pills she takes deliberately on an empty stomachs

Just the cherry to top my FANTASTIC day.

Fuck I’m glad I like most the people I work with.

My roommate, this other chick that has the same position of us, Jennifer and Dallyn are my favorites so far..

Dallyn is this attractive MA that looks like that mysterious type, but is actually really dorky and nice.

Whenever he’s being an ass I like threatening to come to him for my girl part problems if I have them.

Which shuts him up quickly.

Like today when I was getting someones name down and he (lightly) shoves me and tells me to move. x)

So, I hate getting hit on by the old man patients.

"It was really nice seeing you today.” said one old dude.



And the receptionists in the lab and I kept getting bitched at and told off today when nothing was our fucking fault.

That happened yesterday too.

And poor Annie got told off for no reason and started bawling her eyes out shortly after. :|


At least I have the few people I listed to make me smile. :|